Airplane Fractional Ownership The Cheapest and Most Hassle Free Way To Own Your Own Plane

Published: 09th June 2011
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Have you heard about airplane fractional ownership and interested to learn more? Well you are just one person of a growing number of people looking into this interesting proposition.

As airline travel becomes more inconvenient as airline companies and FAA bring in more "security measures". You now have to turn up to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight and often feel like cattle being herded from pillar to post. It leads to stress and a lot of milling about waiting to board your flight.

Can Air Travel Be Made Easier and Less Stressful?

Well that is where airplane fractional ownership comes into its own.

Once you agree to purchase (finance or lease options are available) an undivided interest in an aircraft you gain the convenience, access and the time advantages associated with owning your own aircraft but at a fraction of the cost and with limited responsibilities.

What Do I Get With Airplane Fractional Ownership?

The companies that offer this service do all the hard work for you such as hiring the pilots, maintaining the planes, they look after the logistics plus ensure the safety of the craft.

In fact the best companies will have a dedicated owner service team that is assigned to look after your every need or want on each flight.

How Does It All Work?

It all depends on the how big a share you buy in the craft. This will determine how many hours you are allowed to fly in a year. The smallest concern you can buy is typically a 1/16th interest. This usually equates to the equivalent of 50 hours flying a year.

The usual course of action is for the companies to charge you only for the occupied flight hours and not for the hours required to deliver the aircraft to your departing location or to return the craft to another airport that they call the "dead head" or "empty flight".

What Else Do I Need To Know?

There are no discounts if you buy a larger share. That means if you buy a 1/8th share then it will be twice as much as a 1/16th share and half the price of a share. The bigger the size of the share may though come with other additional benefits depending on the company you choose so it is best to shop around.

The majority of companies will request that the minimum flight time will be at least an hour. There is some flexibility built into most plans which does allow for an owner to access flight hours from future years if they go over their present annual allowance.

Airplane Fractional Ownership Means Freedom

Think about it you can schedule your own flights from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. If you fancy a weekend away then you can go online and book it for the time you want (you need to give between a 4-48 hour notice period).

Then a team will work for you to organize pilots and logistics; all you have to do is turn up and go. Airplanes fractional ownership is the cheapest and most hassle free option to owning your very own plane.

Take Action Today

Have you looked into airplanes for sale and thought I could never afford that luxury?

Well there is a readymade solution for you and that is airplanes fractional ownership.

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