Do You Poop once a day Or Easily Pass Stool Without Pain? If Not you Might Need a Colonic Cleanse

Published: 11th December 2009
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If you are not going to the bathroom to pass fecal matter at least once a day then it is actually unhealthy. The simplest way to rectify this problem is with a colon cleanse.

An indication of a fit body and colon is passing fecal matter once per day. If you do not then that waste matter which is totally full of toxins and poisons can truly affect your health .

There are several reasons for an unhealthy colon but the main reason is usually poor exercise and diet. This isn't unusual as many folks with everyday work and family life do not have the time to actually think about what food they put into their body or have time to exercise.

The sorts of foods that we are talking about are convenience foods like burgers, hot dogs and other junk foods that the body has a hard time breaking down. These foods sit undigested in your colon.

What occurs then is that these foods lead to mucus build up. This mucus then releases toxins which then enter the bodies' blood flow.

There are numerous health problems that are related to this which include:

- Poor Energy Levels

- Bloating and Gas

- Constipation

- Water Retention

- Trouble|Difficulty} Passing Stools

- Carrying Additional Weight

It is not unusual for folks short of a colon cleanse to go up to five days without passing fecal waste. The difficulty is that the longer you go without passing fecal matter then the harder the matter becomes.

This can then lead to real trouble passing stools and even for it to be painful causing severe discomfort.

A good natural extract that will help in this matter is Papaya Fruit; it's a source of a digestive enzyme that helps dissolve compacted waste. There are many other natural extracts that will help too.

These include Buckthorn Bark that aids digestion and is a good herbal purgative and Peppermint Leaf Powder that will ease the intestines thru its mild pain-killer action.

A good colon cleanser possesses natural extracts that will help you pass stools more easily and go more constantly for better overall fitness by flushing the toxins out of the body.

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