Have Nightmares About Dreaded Upper Lip Hair? Then Have You Considered A Face Hair Removal Cream

Published: 22nd September 2010
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All ladies dread the thought of a shadow on their top lip and the removal of upper lip hair is very important. Many women are now turning to face hair removal creams instead of the unappealing alternatives.

Although some methods such as plucking, shaving and waxing can remove unwanted hair like your upper lip hair they can only provide temporary results. Electrolysis and hair removal surgery on the other hand can offer more permanent results they are just too expensive.

A face hair removal cream truly offers a viable inexpensive long term solution to take care of your upper lip hair needs.

Various Methods for Removing Hair Their Pros and Cons

Firstly most of the traditional methods for hair removal like shaving offer only short-term relief for women. Shaving is by far the most common and cheapest way to remove hair but the hair can grow back in a day or two meaning you will have to go undergo the whole process all over again.

Not only is shaving a time consuming endeavor it can also result in razor cuts and bumps even if you are careful and take care to do the job correctly.

Plucking And Waxing

Plucking and waxing on the other hand leads to the hair taking longer to grow back. But they are much more time consuming processes compared to shaving and in this day and age when most people lead busy lives it can be quite difficult to fit time into your schedule to get this done.

Although you can go ahead and get a waxing treatment from a beautician you still have to make an appointment, take some time off from work (or your precious leisure time) and head down to the salon.

Another disadvantage with these types of methods is that they can be painful and may cause irritation and result to a "chicken skin" appearance since you are pulling out the hair follicle from the root. This is not advisable for people who have low tolerance to pain or for those who have sensitive skin.


Then we have electrolysis and laser removal treatment surgery. While it can remove unwanted body hair permanently which is a plus they have one major disadvantage. The main drawback is the cost involved. For the whole process to give you truly permanent results it can take several sessions and cost over $3000 (for face hair).

A face removal cream is not only painless but it is also suitable for all skin types.

Hair Removal Creams A Worthwhile Investment

A face hair removal cream is the most effective and quickest way to remove upper lip hair. When using a cream all you do is apply it on the area where you want to remove the hair. Leave it for the allotted time (usually between 3-10 minutes) and then wipe away the hair and cream with a damp cloth and that is it.

The best face hair removal creams will not only remove the hair but will also exfoliate and moisturize the skin too leaving it looking smooth, fabulous and women much happier.

To get you your hands on the best face hair removal cream and learn about all other options available to you visit the site Best Hair Removal Cream Reviews.

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