Scabies Symptoms - What You Should Know And Why

Published: 28th September 2011
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If you never had scabies in the past, and this is your first infestation, you are contagious even before your symptoms emerge. This is due to the fact that you may not show itching symptoms for 4 - 6 weeks after the mites burrow under your skin.

You Become Contagious

Naturally, the newly infested person doesn't realize they are contagious. Directly touching the skin of another person with your bare skin can cause the mite infestation to transfer.

Of course, scabies can be spread by other means that do not involve direct skin-to-skin contact for a longer time duration. We will explain some of the fundamental facts about the scabies mite, and other topics of interest, in our report.

There Are Several types Of Scabies

The type of scabies that you have may vary from strain to strain, showing different symptoms for each one. Areas of infestation often include skin that appears to have a rash or severe irritation. Skin sores will develop that can resemble small pimples, or they can have a curved track appearance which are very small.

Tracks in the skin show what the little mites are doing as they burrow underneath. The mites will typically only dig in the outer layer of your skin. The tracks are the tunnels that they are digging through your flesh. If you do have mites, the curved tracks that you see are these tunnels. Along with the small tracks, small blisters may also appear in the same vicinity.

Yes It Can Be Itchy

The itchy rash symptoms of scabies can appear on your body in several locations. A habitual location for a scabies infestation is on the wrists and the back of the elbow. You can also see typical infestations between the fingers, as well.

The armpits are conducive to scabies growth and infestation most likely because the area will be moist. Other areas are the waist line, the navel, and on the elbows, but on the surface that is outside in orientation. Some areas where the rash and itching appear are specific to a particular gender.

Where It Can Strike

Scabies infestations are dependent upon certain situations such as ecological factors and location. Many common areas for contracting scabies include prisons and nursing homes. The key factor here is that there is overcrowding involved, which is the perfect breeding ground for mites to spread and multiply.

In fact, children in developing countries are at a higher risk of contracting scabies due to their living environment. Families in these regions typically see several members of the family with mite infestations. Items such as towels, clothing, and other forms of fabric make excellent carriers for the mites.

You Might Not Even Know You Have It

It isn't unusual for a person who has never had scabies before to not even realize they have the disease for as long as a month after the infestation occurred.

And to make matters more complicated, many strains of the scabies mite exist. Each individual strain of scabies will have it's own symptoms, but the common thread through all the strains is the intense itching they cause.

It Is Down To An Allergic Reaction

This is due to the allergic reaction your body has when the infestation begins and your body endeavors to rid itself of the mites, eggs, and feces. The best thing you can do if you have intense itching anywhere on your body is to visit your health care provider.

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