Uncovered Upper Lip Hair on Girls Is Among the Top Five Turn Offs For Guys

Published: 05th March 2010
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Research recently conducted by one of the glossy women's magazines has unveiled that with regard to guys facial hair on ladies is undoubtedly an extreme turn-off. The guys polled stated quite strongly and consistently a woman with upper lip hair was as total turn-off.

This maybe a circumstance of double standards with many guys not actually bothering to keep their facial hair in check as well as having a couple of days growth prior to shaving. Indecently in the same poll; women also testified that stubble on a man's face was a turn off as when kissing "it felt similar to kissing sandpaper".

Within this survey men reported having extra weight was the most significant turn off when it came to ladies right after that it was facial hair. It seems that is does not matter how beautiful, trim, friendly or sexy a girl is if she has a tiny mustache then there is no chance a man will consider dating her.

It maybe a small defect but for men it is a serious stumbling block it appears. Men choose women that pay attention to their bodies and showing off some hair on the upper lip is an indicator for men a woman isn't truly taking pride in herself.

I'm sure everybody knows that ladies do get the rawer deal with regards to appearance and also have to look after themselves much more when it comes to their looks. Males want ladies to look stunning but then whine that it takes to much time for them to get ready.

Surprisingly in this same study males furthermore mentioned they don't like girls with unappealing feet. It genuinely seems that girls have a whole lot to perform for the body beautiful and to attract a guy.

Returning to the main subject matter of this piece just what exactly may women do about facial hair? Well firstly she can rule out shaving due to the chances of nicks and cuts (having a shaving cut would be worse than a tiny mustache). There's waxing but that's painful and to be completed properly requires going to a beauty therapist.

The perfect and latest solution is to utilize a face hair removal cream. These types of creams work by breaking down the keratin that's the main protein that produces the hair strand. Once the cream has been on for the designated period of time the hair can be merely wiped away using a damp cloth.

The other positive from employing a hair removal cream in comparison with other approaches is that you can effortlessly and simply do this from your home plus the final results last twice as long as shaving for example.

A lot of women now solely utilize hair removal creams as their singular way of getting rid of facial hair. The other benefit is the fact most of these types of creams can furthermore be utilized on various other body parts for instance underarms and legs too.

There are lots of creams available that you can try and you are able to very easily with a little research find a few zero cost trial offers using the web just search the term "women facial hair removal creams" when online.

When you search women facial hair removal creams one of the free trials is for Dermology face hair removal cream.

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